Episode 50: Rama Rama Re…

Hannah & Rose discuss the 2016 film Rama Rama Re…, about an escaped inmate from death row who ends up on a road trip with an old man and an eloping couple. This film is directed by D. Satya Prakash with songs by Vasuki Vaibhav. It stars K. Jayaram, Nataraj, Dharmanna Kaduru, and Bimbashri Ninasam.

Recommended for advanced viewers. Rated for teens.

Other names mentioned in the episode are Vidya Balan, Kahaani, Amitabh Bachchan, and Aamir Khan.

The songs used in this episode are News Nodi, Baduke Baduke Kalisu, and Rama Rama Re…. All of these songs are available for purchase through Amazon or iTunes.

Our next series is Women’s Movies and includes Tumhari Sulu (2017), Dor (2006), Pink (2016), Water (2005), and Secret Superstar (2017).

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